Members Intent to run for an Office at 2023 Department Convention Portsmouth, Virginia:
Senior-Vice President:    Dawn Kuhn District 12 Auxiliary 1994.pdf
Conductress/Conductor:  Susan Dinon District 7 Auxiliary 621.pdf

 Members Intent to run for an Office at 2023 National Convention in Phoeniz:
National Senior Vice-President:  Brenda Bryant from Department of Missouri.pdf
National Junior-Vice President:  Lois Callahan from the Department of Arkansas.pdf
National Treasurer: Ann Panteleakos from Department of Connecticut  .pdf
National Chaplain:  Donna Mills Department of Pennsylvania.pdf
National Conductress:  Kim Harney Department of Arizona.pdf
National Guard Brochure:   Laura Dale from Minnesota.pdf
National Guard Brochure:    Sandra Uzell from Ohio.pdf

The 2023 Proposed Resolutions and Bylaw Changes are now available behind MALTA.

To show/tell others how you found the 2023 Proposed Resolutions & Bylaw Changes-

1)    Login to MALTA and go to Member Resources-

2)    Click on Miscellaneous Resources-

3)    And there will be the 2023 Proposed Resolutions and Bylaw Changes.

4)    A single click on any one of the items will place a PDF near the bottom of your screen.

5)    You can drag and drop the PDFs (probably one (1) a time into a folder that you have created on your desktop for quick, easy access.

Double click on the document that you wish to read or print.

 2024 Bylaws BOI and Ritual draft-compressed forMALTA(1).pdf
Resolution 1 Treasurer Resolution from Committee 2023 Convention.pdf
Resolution 2A Dues Increase.pdf
Resolution 2B Incremental Dues Increase.pdf
Resolution 3 Dues Increase DAL.pdf
Resolution 4 Incorporation.pdf