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Americanism is an unfailing love of country; Loyalty to its institutions and ideals; eagerness to defend it against all enemies; undivided allegiance to the flag; and a desire to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and posterity.

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Email Sandra Dunbar

"Buddy”® Poppy & VFW National Home for Children Program

"Buddy" Poppy and VFW National Home for Children Programs are both "By Veterans, for Veterans" and provide us with an opportunity to show our communities what the VFW and VFW Auxiliary are all about!


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Email Josephine Riffle 



The chaplain communicates with all department members about who have passed away or become ill. They use many forms of communications to support all members. Main line of communication is the Chaplains Alert email.


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Email Kelli Levitt

Community Outreach Program

As we continue Building on the VFW Auxiliary Foundation, we have to find the ways and means to be more active and visible within our local communities.


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Email Marcia Semones 

Historian & Media Relations Program

Chronicle your Auxiliaries history! This Program encompasses the 5 W's; the who-what-where-when and why of an Auxiliary and keeping memories. Share your events in written and digital format through photographs, memorabilia, print news and video clips.

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Email Gloria Klinefelter 

2022 Historian Information

Hospital Program

The Hospital Program tugs at our heartstrings and brings joy to our veterans and families we serve. Perhaps you, a loved one or close friend experienced medical issues and spent time in the hospital. Time spent at a medical facility can be frightening, confusing and often lonely, This program offers a way to bridge loneliness with care and compassion.

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Email Kelli Levitt 

Legislative Program

Since the inception of the VFW and its Auxiliary, our two great organizations have helped influence and shape important veterans' legislation passed in the 20th century. Through our advocacy, we show gratitude and appreciation for our heroes for all they have done on our behalf, so we can continue to enjoy our freedom.


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Email Dawn Kuhn 


Membership Program

Membership is the lifeblood of this organization. Without members, our Programs would not be successful. Without membership, our organization would not exist. Most importantly, without membership, our veterans and their families would not receive all the wonderful services and support we provide for them.


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Email Susan Dinon

Mentoring for Leadership Program

Mentoring for Leadership. Wanting to create trainings based on Department and Auxiliary needs and expand on Mentoring at the VFW Auxiliary: Relationship-Building for the Future and Building on the VFW Auxiliary Foundation included mentoring inside and outside of the Auxiliary. 

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Email Carol Vangi 

Scholarships Program

VFW Auxiliary is proud to offer and participate in scholarship contests that help further the education of our nation's youth, our members and their immediate family members.


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Email Beverly Abbott 


Presidents Special Program

Our President has chosen Mutts with Mission Service Dog Nonprofit as his special project for the year. Their mission is to provide selected, specially trained Service/Assistance Dogs to qualified Veterans, Wounded Warriors, Law Enforcement Officers, Federal Workers, and First Responders; to allow qualified candidates the opportunity to owner-train qualified dogs as Service Dogs; to solicit funds for the above purposes; and to help the Wounded Warriors, Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers, Federal Agents, and First Responders of the United States of America. This non-profit is located in Virginia Beach.

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Email Jennifer Winn

Veterans & Family Support Program

Veterans and Family Support Program has various ways to support a veteran or their families. Our active military face struggles in supporting and feeding their families while deployed. Many areas of concern from Mental Wellness to Unmet Needs, Veterans continue to need our support!


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Email Elizabeth Wilson

Youth Activities Program

Whether or not youth or their parents are eligible for the VFW or VFW Auxiliary, we need to get them involved in the patriotic activities. By encouraging, engaging and enriching the your of today, you are helping them develop into our nation's leaders of tomorrow.


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Email Dinah Devins Doyle 


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