2023-2024 Membership/Financial Tracker:
1-31-2024 Membership Financial Tracker.xlsx
01-25-2024 Membership Financial Tracker.xlsx 
12-31-2023  2023-2024 Membership Financial Tracker.pdf                              Hello all, this contains the latest number as of yesterday morning.                                                     We need 827 more to reach 100%.  We are slowly getting there.   Cathy 
 Hello, all this sunny day.  We need 620 more to reach 100%.  Pound is now closed and is reflected in the Medstat's.  Hope everyone has a great Christmas and Happy New Year.                                                                    I leave for New York on Friday and get back on Wednesday.  Cathy
.  We need 827 more to reach 100%. 
                  10-31-2023 2024MembershipFinancialTracker.pdf                                    Hello, this frigid day, Winter seems to have arrived.  We are 1,239 from 100%.  I will be sending the dues notices out this week.  Have a safe Marine Corps Birthday, Veterans Day and Happy Thanksgiving.  I added 6 today not included in this count.   Cathy

10-12-2023  2024 Membership FinancialTracker.pdf                                Happy Birthday to our shipmates.  The latest numbers and we are 1514 away from 100%.  Slowly we are chipping away at the goal.  

10-05-2023 2024 Membership Financial Tracker.pdf                                              We need 1630 more to reach 100%.  We have over 200 new members and 14 rejoins.  Have a great Indigenous weekend.   Cathy               
Can you HELP?

09-30-2023 2024 Membership Financial Tracker.pdf                                 We need 1,686 more members to reach 100%.   Can you HELP?

 Have a safe and happy weekend.
As of 9-8-2023, we need under 2,000 more for 100%. Cathy
8-10-2023-2024 Membership Financial Tracker.pdf