04-30-2023-2023Membership Financial Tracker.pdf                            Hello all, as of this morning we need 15 more to reach the next milestone. I entered 2 new annual and had National do 7 life or transfers today.  We have more auxiliaries needing 1 more to reach the +1 milestone.    Cathy

 04-13-2023 2023Membership Financial Tracker(003).pdf                  Hello all we are on the way to being 101%, only 79 more.  We received the Dept Membership Award #2.  Have a good weekend. Cathy

03-31-2023 Membership Financial Report.pdf                          Happy April Fool's Day.   I sent out 438 renewal notices this past week.  We need 8 more members to reach paid current 100%.          Can you Auxiliary help?            Cathy Graham

 03-23-2023 Membership Financial Tracker(002).pdf                      Hello all we are closing in on 100%.                                                    We are 25 members from the current total and 5 members from peak total.  Have a great weekend.   Cathy


02-17-2023 Membership Financial Tracker.xlsx                         Hello this gloomy day.  We are 132 members from 100%, and the Special Project stands at $5204.07.  Have a safe and fun weekend. Cathy

02-10-2023 Membership Financial Tracker.pdf   Working our way to Spring and we are 142 from being 100%.  Enjoy the Springlike weather this Super Bowl weekend.  Everyone stay  safe.    Cathy  

 01-31-2023MembershipFinancialTracker.pdf                                     Hello, all this frosty day with the snow fall quickly melting.  We need 160 more members for 100%.  Cathy                                     Can your Auxiliary Help?                                                                    Has your treasurer sent in your new members and updated Malta for January Membership??       Just one more member would help.



December 2022 2023MembershipFinancialTracker.pdf                   We need 335 members for 100% and are at 96.18% in membership.   Can your auxiliary help???

12-15-2022-2023MembershipFinancialTracker.pdf                                       We need 627 members for 100%.                                          WE are plugging away at the numbers.  Hope everyone has a happy and safe Christmas, and New Years.  I will be in NY from Friday 23 Dec to Tuesday 27 Dec.  Cathy                                                                             cool   Has your Auxiliary sent out due's notices???? grin

 12-01-2022-2023MembershipFinancialTracker.pdf                                 We need 934 members for 100%.                                                 The department is at 89.37%                                                                   cool   Has your Auxiliary sent out due's notices???? grin

11-18-2022-2023MembershipFinancialTracker.pdf                           - We need 1,143 members for 100%.                                                 The department is at 87.00%                                                                   cool   Has your Auxiliary sent out due's notices???? grin

11-09-2022-2023MembershipFinancialTracker.pdf    Happy Birthday to those who have USMC connections.  Have a safe and productive Veterans Day ceremonies tomorrow and try to stay dry. Cathy Graham. Department Treasurer                                             We need 1,256 members for 100%.                                                 The department is at 85.71%.                                                                    Has your Auxiliary sent out due's notices???? 

11-3-2022 2023 Membership Financial Tracker.pdf                           We need 1,330 members for 100%.                                                 The department is at 84.87%.                                                                    Has your Auxiliary sent out due's notices???? 

 10-31-2022-2023Membership Financial Tracker.xlsx                        We need 1,360 members for 100%.                                                 The department is at 84.53%.                                                                    Has your Auxiliary sent out due's notices???? 

 10-15-20222023MembershipFinancialTracker.pdf                           We need 1,628 members for 100%.                                                 The department is at 84.48%.                                                                    Has your Auxiliary sent out due's notices????       

10-08-2022 2023Membership Financial Tracker.xlsx                        We need 1,782 members for 100%.                                                 The department is at 79.72%.                                                                    Has your Auxiliary sent out due's notices????             

10-01-2022-2023Membership Financial Tracker.pdf                              Hello all, we are 1853 members from being 100% total in membership.                                                The department is at 78.92%.                                                                                                                                  Has your Auxiliary sent out due's notices????                                                                                                          I will be sending out renewal notices in November.  Have a safe weekend and try to stay dry.                                                       Cathy Graham, Department Treasurer

 09-22-2022-2023Membership Financial Tracker.pdf                         Department is 77.44%, THANK YOU!                                                We need 1,985 paid members for 100% +1 more.                         Did you Paid your dues for 2023?                                                       Did your Auxiliary send out department treasurers any new Members??

 09-9-2022 2023 Membership Financial Tracker.pdf        
Department is 76.24%, THANK YOU    

09-01-2022 2023Memberhip Financial Tracker.pdf                  Department is 74.29%, THANK YOU

08-26-2022-2023 Membership Financial Tracker.pdf       Department is 73.34%, THANK YOU

08-18-2022-2023 Membership Financial Tracker.pdf                               Department is 72.10%,  THANK YOU

08-11-2022-2023 Membership Financial Tracker.pdf                          Department is 71.75%, We need 2,483 MEMBRS for 100%. THANK YOU

8-05-2022-2023 MembershipFinancialTracker.pdf                     Department is 70.66% THANK YOU

07-31-2022-2023Membership Financial Tracker.pdf                        Department is 70.20% THANK YOU.                

07-05-2022 Membership Financial Tracker.pdf

06-15-2022MembershipFinancialTracker.pdf                    Department is 103.57% THANK YOU.

05-31-2022MembershipFinancialTracker.pdf                          Department is 103.60% THANK YOU.

05-18-2022Membership Financial Tracker.pdf                      Department is 103.23% THANK YOU.

05-12-2022Membership Financial Tracker.pdf                                 Department is 103.09% THANK YOU. 

 05-05-2022BannerReport.pdf                                                                               Department is 103.07% THANK YOU.  

04.30.2022BannerReport.pdf                                                       Department is 102.81% THANK YOU.  


04-07-2022 Banner Report.pdf                                                               Department is 102.14% THANK YOU.  

03-31-2022Banner Report.pdf                                                   Department is 101.85% THANK YOU.                                        Welcome to our newest Auxiliary 9274, District 10

03-24-2022BannerReport.pdf                                            Department is 101.43% THANK YOU  

03-16-2022 Banner Report.pdf                                                               Department is 101.20% THANK YOU

03-10-2022BannerReport.pdf                                                      Department is 101.11% THANK YOU

02-28-2022BannerReport.pdf                                                         Department is 100.76% THANK YOU

02-24-2022Banner Report.pdf                                               Department is 100.72% THANK YOU

02-17-2022BannerReport.pdf                                                      Department is 100.45% THANK YOU

02-10-2022BannerReport.pdf                                                    Department is 100.25% THANK YOU

02-04-2022BannerReport.pdf                                                      Department is 100.02% THANK YOU






12-12-2021 Banner Report


11-12-2021 Banner Report

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 11-01-2021 Banner Report

2021-2022 Outstanding Auxiliary Requirements